My Favorite (Current) Productivity Hack

These headphones are my favorite productivity hack at the moment. For some reason, when I put them on (with the right type of music) I am substantially more productive. This is true even when I’m working from and no one is going to interrupt me whether I have them on or not. There’s just something about blocking out the world in general that helps me really focus and just power through a long list of action items. I find this has been particularly helpful during the pandemic work-from-home environment as there is just more noise to block out.

I have also recently greatly enjoyed the background music (if that’s the right word) available through While I love music, sometimes songs can be distracting and is all instrumental (or soundscape) type background music that is specially created to help you focus while working and I find they work very well for that purpose (I’m listening to the “VHS Dream” soundtrack right now).

Related tip: if I manage to power through a lot of action items early in the day, it builds up momentum that will carry me through the rest of my day with enhanced productivity (even if I take of the headphones later). Setting the right tone for yourself early each day pays huge dividends…

Originally published at on September 9, 2020.